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How to safeguard against translation mistakes?

Four critical areas of focus to avoid translation mistakes: Source Content Analysis Review the source content in all respects before sending the document for translation. Modify and get the source document approved in all respect. If there is a small spelling mistake that has changed the meaning, the translator will not know the intended message […]

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Website Localization – a New Marketing Mantra

Internet has broken the barriers of geographical boundaries. Many companies big or small are now able to reach across the globe to serve international market online. Translation plays an essential part in international markets, as different countries speak different languages. In countries like Germany, France, China, and Japan and in many other countries, English is […]

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Multi-Media Localization

How often have we come across dubbing of commercials, serials and sales presentation which are a sheer disgrace to the language and are completely out of synch with the culture of the target audience? One can clearly make out that the voice over artist have either not understood the context or not been briefed about […]

French to English Translation

Unlike Americans who come straight to the point, French have a tendency to begin with a Good Morning (bonjour) or Good afternoon (bonsoir) as the case may be.

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