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French to English Translation

Unlike Americans who come straight to the point, French have a tendency to begin with a Good Morning (bonjour) or Good afternoon (bonsoir) as the case may be.

The French cherish their culture, history and language. Professionalism is highly valued and is the key to getting started and doing business in France. Native speakers in French understand English but they prefer to communicate in French as much as possible to English speakers if they know French.Translation from French to English and from French to English is important and cannot be ignored even if you know that the target customer has fair degree of knowledge of both languages.

French to English Translation Service and English to French Translation Service

French appreciation of style and substance is evident in whatever they do.Translation that is devoid of picking the style of presentation will not read well. Translation is not a mere exchange of words from one language to another. A top quality translation must capture the essence of the meaning, maintain the format, have a consistent style and vary the pitch depending on the target language and the customer preferences.Cultural nuances of different regions have to be considered for translation that speaks in customers’ language and culturally connects with them.Professional translation service agencies have linguists with domain expertise and are experts in understanding the cultural differences for translation from French to English or English to French.

Advantage of Translation Sevice Company

Value for Money

The added value that a translation company offers (Translator selection, project management, quality control, file conversions, standardized presentation of multilingual projects etc) also has a price tag which makes it worth paying more. The cost addition becomes marginal and often pays back by ROI in a greater degree if one looks at translation blunders that gets avoided due to quality parameters applied at each stage by Translation Company

Turn Around Time

The time taken by project coordinator in a qualified translation agency would be more compared to directly dealing with freelance translator. This is because the project coordinator goes though the source document and briefs the writer with style guide and references so as to get the best output.

Qualified Translation Agency – A Cost effective solution

A qualified translation agency acts as your language partner and ensures that your multi lingual communication in resonates with the same power of clarity as source language. It is all the more important to engage with professional translation service provider if you have a multi lingual multi media campaign or if you need your message to have consistent voice with a local touch across channels.

Shakti Enterprises is a dedicated, full-fledged, qualified, multi lingual language solution company, equipped to provide you with German to English and English to German translation, typesetting, website and software localization services apart from other specialized services such as proof reading, transcription and interpretation.

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