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Localization for success in export business

There is tremendous growth of international trade and everybody who is in the business of selling is able to find buyers and succeed due to internet explosion.


There are no national boundaries for business and language barriers are broken due to professional translation service by native speakers with domain expertize. Large multinational companies have adopted multi lingual communication strategy that is localized and targeted at potential market. Website Localization, E-mail campaigns, Marketing Collaterals, User Manuals, and Document translations are done in multiple languages for global presence. E-commerce and Internet has enabled international trade easier.

How even smaller companies can make an impact in international market?

Consumers are the same everywhere. They look for value for money they are spending. You have a great product and you are successful in your local market because you are able to serve the need of consumer and culturally connect with them by speaking their language. The trick for makingan impact in International Market is planning your language needs by sharply focussing on potential market and Localizing the communication without deploying high cost multi media campaigns.

  1. Study the Market.

In current business, you may be getting orders from various sources, some of which could be through enquiries made from unknown territories through your website. A little research will show you that orders have come from markets where you are not present or have some presence due to distribution by your importer. The demand is met by local manufacturer and in comparison you seem to have an edge.

  1. Assess the Potential.

Even if 10% of sales have come from overseas market where you have not made any attempt, it means there is a great potential in such market if proper investment is made on website localization with linguistic SEO. Alternatively your own internal research and feedback from market will tell you market potential in countries where you are not present.

  1. Go for Language translation service

Communication being the first step to build awareness about your product and services, it is important to understand the prevalent language spoken in the country. English may be understood by most target groups. But it would not be the native language or the primary language or mother tongue. A list of native languages spoken in your priority market will tell you, your translation needs in such market. If your source content is German, you need translation services for translating your documents, business letters, proposals etc from German to English and one more language which could be largest native language like Hindi in India, or Arabic in the Middle East or French in France and so on.

Professional language service companies are equipped to suggest communication goals and the language priorities for targeting your potential market. Starting from your business cards, to introduction letters, promotional materials, email promotions, leaflets, brochures, price list, catalogues, user manuals and other event materials for exhibitions have to be translated in the language of target market.

Website Translation Service

English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Arabic are the top ten languages by language spoken among world internet users as per study done by world internet stats. These languages cover 90% of world Internet users. Empower your website for global presence by multi lingual website translation in these languages or select the language as per your priority market.

Website Localization

Website Localization is all about making your website relevant to the user from linguistic and cultural point of view. Research have shown that people stay twice as long in their local language website compared to website in English for product and service information because they feel comfortable reading information in their own language and the feeling of closeness exists as the website localized in regional language speaks in customers language and culturally connects with them. In short, the website properly localized doesn’t look and feel as though it is foreign.

Localization is the first step for success in export business and in international trade. Your website is your interface with the customer. Take the first step forward by translation and localization of your website in multiple languages.

Shakti Enterprises is a dedicated, full-fledged, qualified, multi lingual language solution company, equipped to provide you with translation, typesetting, website and software localization services apart from other specialized services such as proof reading, transcription and interpretation.

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