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Top 9 Language Translation tools that makes life easier

Be it for an enterprise, healthcare or political purpose, communicating in the audience speaking a language is very important. This helps in connecting with the target audience and understands the need.

For instance, if an Indian company collaborating with the French client, then translating the document and localizing the website makes the communication easy and faster.

However, not every company can manage to pull out the best translation as per the demand. This is when Translation Company comes to the role.

These translation companies use online translation tools that can help in managing to craft the language according to the requirement. These tools are made to assist translators while working on the project and ensure quality output.

Reason to use Language translation tools:

One of the major reasons to use these automated translation tools is because it manages to rope in the right tone, idioms, and words according to the languages.

Whether you want to translate to English from French or any Indian language or vice versa, these tools are a great assistance.

However, translators can’t fully trust these tools and need the human eye to ensure that every aspect of the document or software is translated accurately.

Let us now check Top 9 language translation tools used by translation companies for accuracy in the result:

  1. Google Translate

    One of the commonly used online translation tools, Google Translate is integrated with Chrome and auto-translation feature in a browser that makes the translation easy.

    The best part of this tool is it supports multiple languages and also figures out which language you are reading. Translators can also use this tool for localizing the entire web pages or documents according to the language you want.

    Many translation companies now use this as a part of tools to translate the language from the document or webpage. It is a completely free translation tool.

  2. Bing Translator:

    This Microsoft product is embedded with Windows Phone and is the last translation engine on the web with free API. This translation tool also supports dozens of languages and features auto-detection built-in that automatically translates the uploaded documents.

    If you want to translate English into Japanese or vice versa, then you don’t need to install or buy Japanese translation tool, but by using Bing Translator you can do the same.

  3. Linguee:

    This is translators’ favorite and features combined dictionary of search engine helping to search for bilingual texts. Moreover, it also offers relevant translated documents to help translators in knowing how words translated.

    However, it carries one drawback in that it doesn’t translate documents or web pages, but words typed by the translator. This could be time-consuming. It is not highly recommended for the large purpose of translation.

  4. WordLens:

    The brainchild of the folks at Quest Visual which is acquired by Google, WordLens is considered the best among the translation tools. Initially, began with Android and iPhone apps, offering camera-based translations, it is now available for large-scale translation purpose.

    It is completely free and anyone can download it for the translation purpose. However, one must know that it supports only a few languages and but gives an authentic result.

  5. Global Link:

    Since its establishment, Global Link has helped organizations to reach a wider broader with website and software localization. Translation companies have earned good benefits by using this software. There are strings of application managing obstacles of localization.

    Each application functions independently driving across the different board for the organization. It is CMS integrated and translation memory solution considered best for the localization process.

    If your organization is looking forward to a long-term solution in translation and wants to reach foreign markets, then Global Link is the right tool.

  6. Pairaphrase:

    The tool consists of 57 different languages and best for professional translation services. It secures file translator tool enabling organizations to batch upload and translate multiple files.

    Whether the file is PowerPoint, AutoCAD, or InDesign, you can transfer any type of file. Another exciting feature of Pairaphrase is the voice-over translation, enabling users for uploading script files and receive translated version.

  7. Text United:

    This is a cloud-based translation and localization tool, best for both outsourcing and in-house team. It comes with a multi-faceted environment for translators to work projects along with monitoring and editing files.

    The features in the tool are easy to use and implement while working on the project for translation. Moreover, it can also integrate with third-party platforms like DropBox, Github, and Outlook.

  8. Lionbridge Translation Workspace:

    Top translation companies use this Lionbridge translation workspace supporting multiple projects. The tool consists of a live assets tool providing live updates of glossaries and review packages.

    The software comes with numerous collaboration tools helping to translate experts to use it constructively. Paying for this tool is really worth for getting quality translation result of document and software.

  9. SDL Trados Studio:

    This is the most recommended Computer- Assisted Translation; SDL Trados is the right investment for full-time translators. It features- TM terminology, machine translation, and software localization.

    Professional translators prefer SDL Trados studio for helping to translate document and software without any difficulty.

Hiring the Best Services:

When it comes to hiring the best in the town that is backed with online translation tools and uses the best professional translation software, Shakti Enterprise is the one to go for. Using automated translation tools and expertise of years, talents in Shakti Enterprise have been offering quality service to clients locally and globally.

No matter what language or domain the service belongs to, Shakti Enterprise through its years of experiences can take up the challenge and offer the service as per the requirement. Be it the IT Company or management company, Shakti Enterprise offers translation and localization to every type of business.

If you are looking forward to connecting with the leading Translation Services in Hyderabad, then Shakti Enterprise is the one whom you must connect.

Being a certified company, they ensure of using a range of online translation tools making work easy and fast.


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