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Website Localization – a New Marketing Mantra

Internet has broken the barriers of geographical boundaries. Many companies big or small are now able to reach across the globe to serve international market online.

Translation plays an essential part in international markets, as different countries speak different languages. In countries like Germany, France, China, and Japan and in many other countries, English is not the native language for majority of the population.

Website in English language is losing share of viewership

Internet Users
by Language
by Language
in Internet
(2000 – 2011)
Internet Users
% of Total
English 565,004,126 43.4 % 301.4 % 26.8 %
Chinese 509,965,013 37.2 % 1,478.7 % 24.2 %
Spanish 164,968,742 39.0 % 807.4 % 7.8 %
Japanese 99,182,000 78.4 % 110.7 % 4.7 %
Portuguese 82,586,600 32.5 % 990.1 % 3.9 %
German 75,422,674 79.5 % 174.1 % 3.6 %
Arabic 65,365,400 18.8 % 2,501.2 % 3.3 %
French 59,779,525 17.2 % 398.2 % 3.0 %
Russian 59,700,000 42.8 % 1,825.8 % 3.0 %
Korean 39,440,000 55.2 % 107.1 % 2.0 %
TOP 10 LANGUAGES 1,615,957,333 36.4 % 421.2 % 82.2 %
Rest of the Languages 350,557,483 14.6 % 588.5 % 17.8 %
WORLD TOTAL 2,099,926,965 30.3 % 481.7 % 100.0 %

Source: Internet World Stats. Top ten languages updated as on 31.5.2011

The share of Internet users by native speakers of English is coming down year on year from year 2011 due to growth of other language websites and increase in Internet users browsing their local language websites. The estimated share of Internet users by native English speakers, as a percentage of total internet users in the year 2013 is only 17%. What this means is that your website in English is going out of sight for large part of high growth developing markets.

 Do you want to be left out?

Empower your Website for global presence

 Research has indicated that there is a growing preference for web users to browse their local language websites for product and service information. They tend to stay twice as long in their local site as it speaks in their language and culturally connects with them.

Website Translation Strategy

You are certain to increase ROI, by translating relevant pages of your website in the language of the target market. One of the first steps is to study the traffic currently you get from your website. Even if 10% of the enquiry or sales conversion comes from a region where English is not the prevalent language, you are certain that translating the web content into the language of your target audience will boost sales.

Be market ready with Website Localization

The significance of translating a website for multiple cultures cannot be underestimated. Localize the web content so that the translated page speaks in customers’ language and culturally connects with them. Engage with professional native translators who understand the medium while translating and keyword translations are modified to attract traffic to your website due to better SEO.

Go International. Get your website translated for expanding your business in new potential and emerging markets.

Shakti Enterprise provides high-quality website localization services for all languages.

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