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May, 2020

Expand Your Business Roots In India With Language Translation Services

India is a diverse nation, having around 1600 languages. Hindi is the most spoken language and Bengali is the second most spoken language in India. Despite English being an influential language in India, the local language has a much stronger impact. Indian languages belong to two major linguistic families – Indo-European and Dravidian. Indo-European is […]

Top 5 Highest Paid Languages To Learn In 2020

How studying foreign languages benefit your profession? Are there enough scope and career options after learning foreign languages in India? Which is the highest-paid language? Let me clear all these questions for you in this blog. In the age of globalization, the knowledge of a foreign language enriches your personal life and enhances language-related careers. […]

Everything You Need To Know About Food And Beverage Industry Translation

The food and beverage is the fastest growing industries in India. The value of global food and beverage industry is US$ 5.8 trillion. This provides various business opportunities for the companies to expand overseas. This has resulted in high demand for translation services in India with respect to the food and beverage sector. Translation Services […]


30 Best Translation Quotes Every Translator Should Know

Translation is a process of converting a text from the source language to the target language. A great level of concentration and expertise goes into making the translated text flow smoothly as the original text. This work is taken up by a translator. His main role is to author a piece of writing. Translation quotes […]