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Everything You Need To Know About Food And Beverage Industry Translation

The food and beverage is the fastest growing industries in India. The value of global food and beverage industry is US$ 5.8 trillion. This provides various business opportunities for the companies to expand overseas. This has resulted in high demand for translation services in India with respect to the food and beverage sector.

Translation Services For The Food And Beverage Industry

Whether your source text is a menu, a food label or a blog, utmost care has to be taken care while translating the content.

While translating the ingredients for the food labels, translator must make sure that, there are no errors. The professional translator must accurately convey the source text information to attract the target reader.

Talking about the packaging images and text – you need to make sure that you product is culturally sensitive to new foreign markets. To take care of the cultural sensitivities, it is better to hire a professional translation company.

Professional Translators

We understand that marketing copy, instructions, labeling, and leaflet language must be accurately translated in the target language and be culturally correct. That is why we provide professional translation services to meet the needs of our clients.

Our expert translators can efficiently translate food labels with linguistic accuracy and consistency across languages.

The global food and beverage industry is growing at around 5% a year and global expenditure on food products by consumers is expected to reach US$20 trillion by 2030 (

Essence Of Professional Translation Services

Whichever branch of the food industry you work in – be it dairy, sugar and confectionery, or beverages – your translations will be handled by expert linguists who have years of experience in providing accurate and high-quality translations.

When it comes to distributing your food products in global markets, accurate translations of food labels, nutrition facts, and ingredient names ensure regulatory compliance as well as international customer satisfaction.

Revenue in the Food & Beverages segment amounts to US$210,148m in 2020. (Statista)

Types Of Food And Beverage Translation Services That We Offer

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Brochures And Catalogs
  • Menus
  • Product Descriptions
  • Websites
  • Videos And Web Apps
  • Package Labels
  • Newsletters

Consult A Translation Expert

Shakti Enterprise is a trusted provider of food and beverage translation service.

We help leading companies to translate all of their food business related content with accuracy and speed. We also have a team of linguistic experts who specialize in translating food labels with accuracy, including nutrition information, ingredient lists, product dates etc.

We have developed language specific food terminology glossaries to ensure the best linguistic accuracy and consistency for your food translation requirements.

Take a look at our professional translation services and contact us for more information.


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