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Exploring the difference between Translation and Interpretation Services

You would ask what the difference between translation, conversion, and interpretation is. Well, to answer that, there is a considerable difference between the three of them. Being a person who provides people with language solutions, it’s very important to have a clear communication for a better understanding. It really gets confusing for people with a linguistics background as most of the terminologies that the whole structure revolves around are a little unfathomable for them. So, in order to make it simpler and easier, we’re here with a proper explanation on differences between translation, conversion, and interpretation.

What do we understand by language translation?

The whole process that involves the conversion of written word documents like manuscripts or age-old scriptures into a language to another in a way that is correct, acceptable by the responsible party and can be easily understood by the readers. The whole idea is to be able to make the text easily available to the intended audience. It is really important for the translator to be able to decipher the cultural background and context of the text translation done.

How is language interpretation services different from translation services?

As we know now that translation refers to texts or written scriptures only. Interpretation is referred for spoken word. An interpreter’s job is to be the mode of communication between two parties who don’t speak a common language. The conversation can be over phone, video call or in person. The idea is to be able to give people who speak different languages a platform where they can communicate hassle free without their language of origin being an issue. Translation is for written word and interpretation for spoken word. Interpreter and translator need to first understand the difference between translation and interpretation.

What does Conversion in linguistics refer to?

Coming to another terminology that we might confuse; conversion. It is basically deriving new words from the existing words without any change. This being said, it states that there has to be a new term for an older one without any change in the meanings which means deriving from scratch or zero. The other name for conversion is zero derivation. A lot of word classes have been derived using the method.

What does the skill set for each requirement or comprise of?

As many similarities as the translators and interpreters have, they still need a specific set of skills for each. Like it is very important for both to speak more than two languages, have a thorough and detailed understanding of the cultures and history of the parties involved. They need an expert in what so ever industry they are. They need to have a great understanding of how things work and carried out. There are multiple examples from industries like the medical, industrial or overseas trade.

Specific Skillset for translators:

As stated above, both have their own specific set of skills. Here are a couple things that translators need to know in order to be able to do their job efficiently.

  • The most important is to be a thorough researcher as they would have to deal with new words almost every day and it’s great to be able to decipher new concepts. All of this needs a great research ability and patience.

  • Grammar and composition are highly important. It is really important to have a good grammar and composition skills in the respective languages one translates to and from. The reason for learning any new language involves a great deal of grammar is that a good command is a need.

Specific Skillset for interpreters:

Being an interpreter is not at all an easy task. There are things an interpreter always needs to keep in mind. Here’s a small list of things interpreters need to keep in mind.

  • How can we miss out on good listening skills? It’s almost half of the things in the list. Detailed understanding comes after a thorough listening.

  • A good memory is the key element and needs to be taken into consideration. You need to remember word to word said and then interpret it in the required language.

  • Note making is basic and comes in handy while interpreting. You need to take notes for both proof and thorough assessment of what has been told. It helps simplify the task a little.

  • Good communication skills and a customer satisfactory attitude is the must. It gets really hard if you don’t know how to address the parties or keep them engaged. Your technical knowledge is the need for the job but communication skills are the most important aspect.

  • Now excellent syntax in addition with grammar is just another important pointer. You can’t deny its importance in your professional workspace. It is important for interpreters to be thorough.

How do you differentiate between a bilingual person and an interpreter or translator, do you just look at them and know?

Somebody who speaks more than one language is bilingual. Most of the Indians are bilingual and can speak more than a language. This doesn’t make them professional interpreters or translators. Interpreters and translators need a particular set of skills and also need to go for a language efficiency test.


As we know that India is a land of diverse culture and traditions which brings different languages into the picture. We need more and more communication for a thorough expansion of almost all the sectors. How do we stretch out to limit the communication gap caused by a language barrier, we learn languages, well, yes. We can also take help from professionals who are trained in interpretation and translation. Now, you would ask where to find translators or interpreters? You can always search online for them and you’ll find firms like Shakti Enterprise who are ready to help. Why let a small thing like language stop you from anything at all. Just look at the professionals and how they have been trained. You’ll know whom to choose. It’s really important to bring the gap between languages to an end. Try out the services and see if it helps.

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