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Going beyond translation for Spanish

Spanish Language

Spanish also called Castilian is a Romance Language that originated in Castile, a region of Spain. Spanish is the official language of 21 countries worldwide and is the 3rd most widely spoken language after English and Mandarin.

spanish-translationThere are more than 400 million people who speak different varieties and dialects of Spanish worldwide. Spanish is one of the fastest growing segments in the world especially in USA. In USA Hispanic population is the largest minority population and as per government regulation all public health, education, legal and government communication should be translated to Spanish.

Unlike other languages, Spanish is spoken in many different countries. The culture, tradition, economy, religion of each country is unique and context of the language changes accordingly. Mexican Spanish is vastly different from Spanish from other countries.For example how you will be greeted with ‘hello’ in Spanish. Argentinian Spanish will say ‘Hola’ while in Panama the pronunciation is ‘Halo’ and in other Latin American countries it is ‘Alo’. Mexican Spanish speakers will greet as ‘Bueno’.

Broadly speaking there is a European Spanish and Latin American Spanish within which local variations for terms and influence of other language makes the spoken language of Spanish differ from one region to other.

English to Spanish Translation

Behind every language there is a unique culture that must be accounted for if your message is to be positively received by that market. While translating from English to Spanish language, ask for the target audience and the market you are targeting. This understanding will enable selection of native professional translator for localizing the content while translating from English to Spanish.

Speak in customers’ Language and culturally connect

Translation from English to Spanish is effective if the message speaks your brands’ voice with the power clarity and localized.

Qualified Translation Agency – A Cost effective solution

A qualified translation agency acts as your language partner and ensures that your multi lingual communication in resonates with the same power of clarity as source language. It is all the more important to engage with professional translation service provider if you need website localization or if you need your message to have consistent voice with a local touch across all channels.

Shakti Enterprises is a dedicated, full-fledged, qualified, multi lingual language solution company, equipped to provide you with Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation, typesetting, website and software localization services apart from other specialized services such as proof reading, transcription and interpretation.


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