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How to safeguard against translation mistakes?

Four critical areas of focus to avoid translation mistakes:

  1. Source Content Analysis

Review the source content in all respects before sending the document for translation. Modify and get the source document approved in all respect. If there is a small spelling mistake that has changed the meaning, the translator will not know the intended message and he will presume the source material he received for translation is right. Blaming the translator later, re-phrasing the original document later will mean post edit translation and delay.


  1. Selection of Translation Agency

Engage with professional translation services provider who are qualified and experienced and have the right resources to handle the project.

  1. Providing clear project brief

It is important to have a dialogue with the project Manager in the translation agency immediately after sending email communication to explain the use of the translation project so as to get a framework of the target customer. This understanding will greatly help on selecting appropriate native translator for the task. Half the battle is won if the beginning is done rightly.

  1. Proof reading before final production

Translation is a human endeavor and mistakes can happen. Instead of blaming the translation agency or the translator after the job is done and mistakes are found from customer feedback, it is better to review and proof check the final document with reference to source document not only for the content but also for the formatting of the final translated document.

Professional translation services is important if you want to speak in customers’ language and culturally connect with vast majority of population who do not understand English. Alternatively if your source document is in a language other than English, you will not be understood by International customers who communicate in English.

Translation services companies or translation service agencies are specialized in the field of translation for global communication. They engage with native professional writers for document translation, technical translation, medical translation, marketing translation, legal translation that are notarized and certified. Apart from translation the professional translation agency also take care of DTP requirement.

Engage with professional translation service provider and safeguard against translation errors. The value for money for engaging with professional translation service provider is greater compared to the translation cost, if you compare the damage to your brand or miscommunication of the message, translation mistake can generate due to wrong selection.

Shakti Enterprise provide high quality document translation services for all foreign and Indian languages.

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