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Key to Marketing Translation is “Knowing the Market”

The challenge of marketing translation is not just understanding the creative concepts behind original copy but also doing justice by trans-creating the content for the target market in the language of the customer.Marketing translator is in fact more than a copywriter. Ability to understand the target audience and the market for which the marketing communication is developed will not change from one language to another. What is likely to change is customer experience with the product, competition, user habits, attitude and lifestyle. Knowledge of the target market and customer psychology are key elements for crafting a marketing translation

Here are some considerations for creating impactful translation that reflects the essence of original and matches its style in target language

  1. Focus on the proposition (key message)

Read the content and note down the key message the communication is meant to deliver. This is crucial as you would know intended promise to consumer while developing the original copy

  1. Understand the target profile

It is important to know the target audience or the customer for the communication was originally developed. Also understand the market, the maturity level in terms of product experience in that market. Now get a clear brief on the new market, the language for translation and customers’ level of product experience in such target market. For example a fashion product in an advanced country will communicate go beyond the basics and communicate on the aspirational. In the new market for translation, you will note that the market is not matured and therefore translation will tailor the message differently to communicate the need as well as aspirational benefit.

  1. Be Creative.

Think yourself as a creative copywriter and adapt the original rendition in target language. A translator here should be able to appreciate the tone and style as well as the idiomatic use to create the desired impact. This appreciation will enable transforming the same tone and style using such phrases and idioms commonly used in the target language. The final product will bring the essence of original and also create the same or greater impact. For example there was a famous advertising campaign for soft-drink brand Thumsup. The headline in English read “Taste the Thunder”. The thought behind this line is experiencing the thunder within for achieving anything and enjoy the same with Thums up.

Marketing translator gets into the concept behind the line and develops idiomatic phrase that can be adapted across all media.

  1. Add Value

Craftsmanship is key. Be a wordsmith. Catchy lines are in plenty in local language and they are so apt sometimes to drive the point across that you would be happy to use. Give this value addition to client. They will love it.

Plan weeks ahead for any project that require marketing translation and coordinate with the marketing team to find out the launch detail, media and the product.

Successful marketing translation comes out of partnering with the translation company and involving with them on the process that went behind in the creation of original campaign. In Multi media campaign, this process of engaging with translation agency starts at the concept stage itself. This will reduce creative and production cost as very often the situation, models, dubbing, pre-production and final edits of digital and audio visual communication has to be thought with language adaptability well in advance.

Shakti Enterprise has in house talent of experienced brand managers and project manager to take care of multi-media projects as well as marketing translation for global markets.

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