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Launching String Extraction for Internationalisation

String extraction is a laborious task involving lot of time, efforts and cost. Due to our research and development in the area of string extraction, we have come with a unique solution to make your product i18n-ready in amazingly quick time and at a very low cost.”

Shakti Enterprise, an DIN EN 1508 certified, professional translation company, is pleased to introduce ‘string extraction service’ for desktop, mobile and web applications, in all the major programming languages.

Right from extraction of strings from hard-coded source files to language bundle creation, we have tools and human resources to handle large number of files with quick turnaround time and high accuracy.

Getting i18n-ready not only means single code base for multiple languages but also improves the translation process. Translators needs to deal only with the text and not the programming code, thus improving efficiency, quality and turnaround time of translating.

We can also work onsite to assure safety and confidentiality of your code.

We assure you our best translation services and look forward to receive your valuable queries and business.

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