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Legal Document Translation Services for lawyers and law firms

The organizations that offer legal translation services tend to cover a range of translation jobs that include legal document translation, patent translation, corporate law translation, and court and trial interpretation, law books translation and so on. Needless to say since legal translation job is extremely niche area, it requires well qualified translators and linguists who are not just good in the concerned language but also well versed in law. Lawyers and law firms may need the translation services the most for their clients that they submit to various authorities.

As the major requirement of document translation comes from lawyers and law firms, they need specific terms and clauses to be translated in specific manner so that there is no ambiguity. There are set format of documents that cannot be touched upon in any manner. Thus, there is strict guideline what the terms that should be kept intact are and what could be translated without losing the meaning. The usual documents taken up for translation are as follows:

  • Judicial proceedings and their outcomes
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Power of attorney, Contract agreement and clauses of Laws
  • Resolutions, evidentiary documents, Judgments
  • Financial statements, tax returns and audit reports
  • Tender documents, licenses and registration certificates
  • Summons and complaints

Whether it is the judicial courts or government authorities requiring legal documents for submission since they require them for government records, they should always be translated accurately. Since most of the original documents are drafted by experienced lawyers, effort should be to keep the original format and structure in place.

What makes Shakti Enterprise a trusted name in Legal Document Translation Services?

There could be a dozen reasons to hire some translation agency; however, one fact that cannot be ignored is the agency’s reputation and track record. Since Shakti Enterprise has been in the translation services for several decades, it has gained the unparalleled popularity for its professional approach and timely delivery of the projects. Needless to say since the agency highly appreciates the value of time of all stakeholders in a Court or in a Legal framework, legal documents are translated within a stipulated time period.

Not just timely delivery of the documents but also the quality testing is done well so that there are no errors as the court and legal authorities do not tolerate language issues and errors. Needless to say in addition to quality translation, Shakti Enterprise with its translators who are highly qualified and certified as well, delivers the ensures that the translation is a true and accurate representation of the source document.

Some major assurances from the translation agency to its clients include:

  • Quality Control in the legal documents translation services
  • Cutting edge Global project management
  • Translation by Task Automation and Translation Memory Tools
  • Professional Terminology Management and Process Consistency
  • Flexibility and high-end Customer services and Trust Building

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