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Success comes from speaking in customers language

The secret of successful communication lies in speaking in customers’ language and culturally connecting with them. Although English is understood across most nations of the world, it is not the native language for more than 70% of world population. Multi lingual communication and Localization helps in reaching global market with confidence. 

English is the Lingua Franca of International Trade

English is either a primary language due to large population of native English speakers or secondary language due to English being taught as compulsory 2nd language in schools. Even in countries like China, Japan, Germany, France, Russia and many other countries where English is not understood, there is growing tendency to learn English as it is the preferred common language for global communication.

Translation from Russian to English is the first step for global reach

English language spoken originally in England is spoken as first language across USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and is the official language across 54 nations of the world and hence translation from Russian to English is the basic requirement in international business. Professional language translators who are linguists in Russian and English are best suited to translate your website from Russian to English. Apart from Website translation of documents, user manual, technical matter, presentation materials, company credentials, business communications have to be communicated accurately in English.

India – A growing Market for global translation service

India is the right destination for professional translation solution for any Indian and International language including English. This is due to high literacy level in English and understanding of multi-cultural difference across different regions and adapting themselves to market environment. India is powerhouse of languages. The project management skills, technology upgrades, low manpower cost and great organizational abilities in India are of International standards. In fact most of the advanced nations world-wide reach out to India for their back office processing work to reduce their overhead and operating cost. The time zone difference between India and Western countries also helps them to meet delivery terms. Hence India is able to offer extremely attractive rates for translation services in any Indian and International language using the same native translations like other leading translation companies in the world.

Localization for Global Market

Translation from Russian to English is important for global communication. But in multi lingual, multi-cultural market, localization of your source content in the language of target market enables speaking in customers’ language and culturally connects with them.

Shakti Enterprise is one of the best company for providing localization services India and foreign country.

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