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It is a common misconception that anybody who speaks a second language can do the translation. Speakers do not make a writer.

Translation is an acquired art which comes out of years of practice. While machine translations are available, it is not reliable as the selection of translated word will not relate to the context and the sentence formation itself will be wrong so much so, one has to re-edit the entire matter with the help of experienced writer of the target language. This will very often result in double the effort and time.

Literal translation or translation without understanding of source content can lead to costly errors. A single mistake in the choice of word will also lead to difference in communication and impact of original will be lost to target to consumer for whom the translation is meant.

Identify the translation service agency that is right for you

  1. Very often you will find a full -fledged professional translation service company gives you the best guidance and offer end to end language solution including DTP. The value for money is greater when compared to outsourcing through free -lance translators for each language. Firstly, the time taken to select the resource, brief the translator and ensure consistency across all language in terms of terminology and style.
  2. Whether it document translation or technical translation it is always better to select the translation agency that can take the responsibility of proof checking and formatting so that you are ensured of the quality.
  3. When it comes to Financial or Legal translation, certified translation and notarization of the document, safeguards you against mistakes that can sometimes have damaging consequences. It is important here to mention that your own source content has to be perfect and proof checked before sending to translator. Any mistake in original will reflect in the translation which even a proof reader will not know. For example there are so many words in English with different meanings as per context of communication or a small spelling mistake in the word can lead costly translation error.Imagine a sentence “Take oath before taking Charge”. If there is a typo mistake in the word ‘oath’ and the letter ‘O’ is changed to ‘b’, you have the sentence reading “Take bath before taking charge” A good translator or project coordinator will find the mistake in the sentence as he is going through the document and will change the word ‘bath’ to ‘oath’ and then translate the sentence accordingly. Failure to do so will cause embarrassing result in the final translated file.

Professional Translation Company adds value to your projects and ensures quality for which a slight premium is always worth considering

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